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Path Of Exile Is Like Diablo II In A Slightly Nicer Frame

Grinding Gear Games has created an almost perfect RPG action. At least that's how many players imagined the successor of the iconic Blizzard production.

Diablo III disappointed many, including me. Blizzard has so far gone away conceptually from the previous edition, that it was practically a new game under the hitherto known title. The fans of the second part did not have to look for production for a long time that would meet their expectations. Path of Exile officially premiered on October 23 last year, but the open beta lasted many months, so anyone who wanted to play it could. The production is responsible for a small, independent studio - Grinding Gear Games, for which this title is a debut on the computer games market. And this is a very successful debut. Everything here has been well thought out and well implemented, and the multitude of so-called builds enables playing counted in hundreds of hours. But let's start in the beginning.


Welcome to the Grim Wraeclast world

We start our fun by choosing our hero. There are no unnecessary fireworks - a character represents a particular class and starts in a different place of the passive skill tree. In addition, each hero receives different bonuses for basic statistics, which consist of fairly standard coefficients, namely strength, dexterity and intelligence. However, the differences between them end there and in fact the player's choice of character class is left in the player's hands. Ultimately, there is no problem for the archer to become a mage and vice versa. This is one of the major advantages of the Path of Exile.

Regardless of what character you choose, like in other games of this type, the story is always the same. We start in the same place and do the same tasks. Oh, standard. The fun begins when you include a passive skill tree and see the amount and variety of abilities that you will choose after gaining each successive level of experience. Especially at the beginning you can feel the overwhelming wealth of choice. Path of Exile does not have literally understood active abilities. Instead, there are gems that have specific properties assigned. We activate them by inserting the selected gem into the slot with the same color in our weapon. Skill gems come in three colors: red, blue and green. They condition the basic attribute they require to be able to use them. Accordingly, it is strength, intelligence and dexterity. The whole sounds a bit intricate, but in practice it is logical and very intuitive.

Freedom of Choice

The selection of gems is enormous. The best part, however, is that the authors are constantly adding new ones, which means that from time to time we can create a completely new combination of abilities. It is worth adding that the genres are divided into main and auxiliary ones. The former are responsible for a certain ability, the latter for modifying the properties of the former. This can be, for example, adding another lightning or shot beam. We can add up to five reinforcing effects to one gem. Of course, this requires a weapon with six sockets, which are quite difficult to obtain, especially at the beginning. It should also be remembered that the places for gems have their own colors, which must match the colors of the gems that we want to put in them. You can change them using the so-called PoE orbs, but with more sockets, the chance to hit the desired combination is quite small.

Naturally, not counting the mentioned element, the items have their own statistics, which can also be changed as necessary. Again, however, the use of orb is a kind of lottery and often instead of improving a given coefficient we will lower its value or draw one that is not usable. At this point, I hurry with an explanation - gold is not in the Path of Exile. The currency here is the mentioned orbs, which are available in many variations and have different, more or less useful properties. In my opinion, such a solution has a considerable advantage over the classic approach to the subject - thanks to this abuse is much rarer and the trade is thriving.

Acts, Leagues, Races and Other Attractions

Path of Exile, model Diablo series is divided into nudes. Wading through all unlocks the next level of difficulty. But that's not the end. There are also leagues available to the player. Each of them is more difficult than the previous one, and the monsters have more hit points and do more damage. It is worth considering in which league we start to play, because this choice is final. In addition, each league is divided into so-called softcore and hardcore. The first mode is so much easier that the death of our hero does not bring any major consequences. In the second case, death has a permanent effect. A completely separate attraction are races that are governed by their own laws. These are periodic events with specific victory conditions, eg you can not use ranged weapons, and the game lasts for 2 days. A nice addition for those who are looking for new challenges.

Real Free-to-Play

Everyone can play in the Path of Exile. All you need to do is create an account on the title website and download the client. There are no necessary fees here, but there are micropayments. However, I calm down at once - this is probably the best implementation of the Free-to-play model I have seen. All add-ons that we can buy in the store are purely visual and do not affect the game in any way. The exception is the tabs in the hero's chest, but it is difficult to call this purchase necessary or distorting the game. Everything here is gained through play. It is not Diablo III, in which you run the auction house and with a sufficiently rich wallet in a few seconds you can have better items than people who have put their equipment for many months.

Diablo II in A Slightly Nicer Frame

An audiovisual website in this type of games is not the most important thing, but it's always nice to hang on and music does not irritate our ears. Exactly this is the Path of Exile, although of course you will not find anything amazing here. It's just right. The graphics look good at the gloomy climate, which is somewhat a reflection of the story. Not that the last one was interested in or was more than just the necessary addition .;) The music even comes to the ear and more importantly after a few hours of gameplay does not force nervous searching in the options of its exclusion. Of course, the Path of Exile has not been realized with such a flourish as Blizzard's productions. You will not see here spectacular videos between acts or anything at all. Gentlemen from the GGG studio focused on the mechanics of the game and it all went well on health.

Hundreds of Hours of Fun

Path of Exile is one of those games that you write about with pleasure. Everything here has been conceived in this way to please fans of the genre. The occasional problems with synchronization on the client-server plane, which in extreme situations can cause our character to die, are a small screech. Fortunately, this is an extremely rare condition. Players who spent hundreds of hours at Diablo II will feel at home here. The enormous possibilities of creating your own character combined with the simple but very well-executed game mechanics make the Path of Exile one of the better games of the past year.

Ascendancy Test In Path Of Exile

With the Atlas of Worlds expansion, Path of Exile aims to bring even more thrills, variety and even more depth to the action role-playing game. We plunge into the endgame in the test.

Players need goals, whether self-imposed or predetermined. The carrot on the nose is still the best and the more carrots there are, the more motivating the second major topic in games is: the endgame.

Developer Grinding Gear Games has dedicated itself to both topics in the new add-on to the free Hack & Slay hit Path of Exile: the Endgame and its carrots. Atlas of Worlds transforms a previously rather chaotic system into a structure with a certain motivational touch.


The Previous Principle

Path of Exile is about killing tons of monsters, taking loot, stepping up to face ever-increasing challenges. The skill system including the monstrous passive skill tree as well as the extensive crafting provide for extremely many possible character variants. Four stories driven by a good story in three different levels of difficulty help with Monsterhatz and step up - but what do we do after that?

As soon as we have unlocked the Eternal Laboratory at the highest difficulty level (Merciless) in the third act (around level 65), we can play the so-called maps. These are random layout cards, each containing a specific boss. The maps are also prey and can be crafted with additional modifications that affect the map's features, but also the amount and quality of the prey. The fieser the modifications (for example, percentage deductions of player resistance or percentage surcharges on damage types of the monster), the more and better prey falls.

That's how we've fought so far through countless randomly generated endgame maps in search of prey and experience. That's it. Until now.

Bring Structure Into Chaos

The map system was not bad, but unstructured and without a thread on which to orient oneself. This changes fundamentally: All maps can be found on a big map, the eponymous Atlas of Worlds. The atlas has four entry points each in its own quarter, each with a level one map. If we play this card, it may drop more maps that either connect (for example, a level 2 map) or are on the same level.

If we put it in the middle of the atlas (this area has level 16), a guard is waiting there for each atlas quarter. Each of these four bosses we have to defeat in hard fights. Should we succeed, we have an attempt free to compete against the Shaper, the big Map-Endboss. If we fail, we have to kill the guards again to get another try.

Random Frustration Or Prey-Lust?

It can sometimes be really frustrating when we play a map and get no new maps as prey - or alternatively only maps we have already played through several times. In order for this not to become the rule, the addon offers us some possibilities to influence our progress.

Each map on the atlas has a bonus objective, which is usually to kill the boss. Condition is however always a certain quality of the map, for example normal (white), magical (blue) or rare (yellow). With each bonus objective we meet, we get a one-percent chance that the next map loot will be one or even two levels higher than normal. The more bonuses we collect, the higher our bonus chance grows and the faster we get ahead.

In purple circled maps we also capture a so-called shaper orb. This is not a random loot, but guaranteed loot from the boss of the map. Depending on the level of the orb, we can apply this orb to a map, raising it by five levels. Example: If we have applied a Shaper-Orb to the Arcade-Map (Level 1), there will be no Arcade-Maps, only Shaped-Arcade-Maps. These are now Level Six, meaning the monsters are at this level, as are the loot.

About these and other possibilities (for example, we can buy at map master Zana Maps) we may adjust the atlas and push our progress something. But beware: A quick march is not possible, the completion of the atlas takes a lot of time. If you plan well and make your maps with meaningful mods, you can speed things up a bit, but the path through the atlas becomes harder with each step.

This sometimes causes some frustration if we have no loot with the maps. But the motivation and challenge factor to get ahead and get in the middle has grown exponentially with the atlas. Grinding Gear Games sorted, structured and polished the endgame in Path of Exile. This makes playing the maps really fun because we are seeing and influencing our progress on a whole new level.

Content And Performance Plus

The amount of maps and the bosses to be reshuffled has been greatly increased: 30 new maps and 19 new bosses are waiting to be taken apart by us. Add new unique Path of Exile items and a new league, the Essence League. In it, the crafting is changed: We find in some monsters certain essences, which guarantee a certain modification in contrast to the previous, completely random crafting.

At the same time, the technology behind Path of Exile has been significantly changed: The game now supports several cores of a CPU. The result is a noticeably improved performance of the game, which is very rarely tarnished by link lags. The textures were also subjected to a new compression method to achieve a smoother game.

Atlas of Worlds makes Path of Exile - regardless of other addons that may come yet - a truly round experience. The hitherto somewhat disordered Endgame now impresses with a meaningful, insanely motivating and very varied structure.

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How To Get Unique Items In Path Of Exile

Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Path of Exile provides lots of features to improve the gameplay for players. One of these features is the unique Path of Exile Items in the game. For the players who just join into the PoE, unique PoE items are an assembly of various things that should be collected during the game.

unique item.fw.png

Unique items are meant to be less powerful overall than high-level rare items, but offer unique gameplay and allow special character builds to be based around them.

The unique items that are a selection and are developed with the game of things, specific names, and modifiers. Unique items found by the player are initially unidentified and a Scroll of Wisdom must be used to discover their properties. These special PoE items are characterized by an orange text and an orange banner. These unique items are paired with every base PoE Currency in the game as they are designed to improve the gameplay and have special characters builds based on them.

Unique items have the same base stats as a normal item of the same type, but have specific names, unique artwork and set lists of modifiers instead of affixes. It contains Accessories, Armour, Weapons, Flasks, Jewels and Maps.

  • Unique items can be found as random drops just the same as any other item.
  • There is a very small chance of upgrading a normal item into a unique of the same base type when using an Orb of Chance.
  • Certain unique jewels and some equipment can only be created by corrupting another item.
  • Many prophecies exist that reward uniques, many of them a specific unique item which requires you to hunt down a certain monster and kill it. Others reward you with a random unique.
  • Some unique items can only be produced by using a certain vendor recipe.
  • Sets of divination cards may have a unique item as their reward.
  • Sometimes, a level 8 master will sell a unique item in his/her shop for a relatively low price. This will usually be a common unique item, but it may be rare as well.

Though unique items are a good collection for PoE players, players should know that the unique items are not designed to be more powerful than the rare and special items which can be found when they reach higher levels in the game.

Path Of Exile Bestiary Will Receive More Content Updates

The month of March will mark the debut of a new League in Path of Exile, which was named Bestiary. The great news of this League is that players will need to hunt and capture almost 300 dangerous animals that will be spread across the most diverse maps.

By capturing them you can then sacrifice them to create new items with the new Beastcrafting breeding system. With this you will have your own menagerie of beasts, which here earned the name of Menagerie.

By weakening a monster, you make him vulnerable to being captured, and if this is successful, he will be captured by Einhar, who will take him through a portal to his Menagerie.

In addition to the news related to the Bestiary League, Path of Exile will receive more content updates. Check out the most important updates:

  • Three new skill gems, including the new Spectral Shield Throw ability and the Summon Phantasm on Kill support gem.
  • Possibility of re-forging certain unique items, for creating up to 30 new Fated items.
  • New enemies.
  • Four new sets of items based on powerful spiritual animals.
  • High-level players can challenge Elder and The Shaper simultaneously.
  • Ascendancy Class Revamp: All classes have been rebalanced.
  • New mission added to Act 10.
  • Several performance improvements.

The Path of Exile Bestiary League as well as the 3.2.0 update will be released on PC on March 2, but Grinding Gear Games promises to bring it to Xbox One a week later.

Path of Exile has arrived and still performs with great success on Xbox One, where it is exclusive on the consoles. Enjoy and check out our game review. The gamers can buy Path of Exile orbs from the online gaming house to arrange the necessary things to personalize the players and teams.